Stainless steel & alloy constructions

Both materials are used when we build a fish farm. A lot of our special components that we develop are made in stainless steel. The alloy is mainly used on gangways and for the construction of our tanks.

Innovative solutions of equipment

If the technic or machine is not available to do the job, we simply find our own solutions. As and example we converted a welding machine from the width of 4 m capacity up to 8 m! (maximum size of liner are now 8,0 m width and 50 m lenth)

Tanks for land based fish farms

The CS-tank can be ordered in many different sizes, and are very easy to install. They have been delivered in the range from Ø 3 m and up to Ø 15m (high from 2m to 5 m.) We deliver according to the NS9416 norm and have a high focus on the best hygiene and fish welfare. If anyone has chosen to build, or maybe have some tanks already in concrete, we are able to up-grade with our PE-liner to meet all new standards.

Part or full project planning

We are able to build the project as “state of the art” where the costumer can be a partner or just make a small part or maybe goes all the way and ask for a “turn-key solution” no matter we can do it all. We do see that the introduction of the rules NS9416 this year and the following documentation level on all components, that there will be more standard components around to minimize the expenses.

Plastic pipe installations

Plastic pipes in different material PE, PP, and PVC for a large variety of purpose and from small size and up to Ø1200mm just use your imagination.

Plastic welding

We perform different types of welding technic depending on the task to be carried out. We do: hot-air, extruder and butt welding, and our employees are certified and have many years of experience.

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