Welcome to Cspipesolutions

Your No. 1 supplier of innovative plastic solutions

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Welcome to Cspipesolutions

Your No. 1 supplier of innovative plastic solutions

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Plastic Welding / Pipe installation

We perform different types of welding technic depending on the task to be carried out. We do: hot-air, extruder and butt welding, and our...

Stainless steel & alloy constructions

Both materials are used when we build a fish farm. A lot of our special components that we develop are made in stainless steel. The alloy is mainly...


The CS-Tank can be ordered in many different sizes, and are very easy to install. They have been delivered in the range from...


CS. Pipe Solutions A/S is a leading provider of comprehensive piping system in all plastic materials with more than 25 years of experience. The costumers are in the span from off-shore oil industry to the fast-growing fish farming business on locations around the world. We do part projects and up to full scale turn-key solutions, following the complied standards and regulations that is applicable for the various business area. Want to know more?

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Aquaculture and fish farming is a main business area for us by CS Pipe Solutions A/S.
Having core competences in this field, we are experienced business partners for companies like Gråkjær Aqua A/S and Krüger Kaldnes A/S  and many others and are one of the market leaders in Norway, recognized as one of the worlds leading countries in aquaculture and fishfarming on- and offshore.
Being used to work on Norways westcoast all the year, our installer teams are familiar with rough conditions and remote locations. Highly efficient project planning and a reliable workforce is a key factor in our project handling on site. That makes us the preferred business partner for some of the world leading companies in the fish farming business.
The use of plastic pipe solutions provides a wide range of benefit for the aquaculture segment, such as no corrosion and resistant for exposure to rough environments, no open fire or welding by installation, fast installation reducing downtime etc. Just to mention some significant benefits by using plastic pipe solutions for fish farming and aquaculture.

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